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Bab's Pizza

Just newly opened in late 2023, Bab’s pizza is a classic NY style pizzeria but with a fresh perspective. We offer up 16” style pies, yummy salads, hoagies and more! We source real, clean, and organic in-season ingredients. Everything we serve is made in house, from the dough, the sauces, the dressings, etc. It all starts with the dough. We source clean organic flours instead of the run of the mill bleached and bromated stuff. We ferment the dough for 2-3 days which gives it a nice flavor, chew, and easy digestibility. If you’re into greens, we do a few tasty salads. We change them up as the inspiration hits us or as ingredients come into season. We always source local when available. We make our dressings in house using clean oils. And we always take the extra care to slice things thin and have a nice contrast of savory, salty, crisp, and crunchy. The small details matter! With a small staff and kitchen, our goal is to focus on doing a few things the best we can, rather than having a huge menu filled with the ’standard’ pizzeria choices. If you’re one of those weirdos who likes to dip their crust in ranch, we make a good one. So come on down, we won’t judge!

(845) 493-0936

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